Waste connections

From waste connections to a single property to major sewer diversions, our experienced team of engineers can help.

  • New sewer connections
    • If you’re building a new home or development, you probably want to connect to one of our sewerage pipes so that we can take away your wastewater to treat, clean and return to the environment.
  • Adopting proposed sewerage systems
    • If you want a new sewer connection to a proposed property and the public sewer is outside of your property’s boundary, then due to Welsh Government regulation you will probably need to get an adoption agreement in place before you start building. Once this adoption agreement is in place, you can then apply for a new sewer connection.
  • Adopting existing sewerage systems
    • If you have a private sewerage system that you’d like us to consider adopting as part of our network, then you can apply for this here. Once it’s adopted, we will be responsible for its maintenance.
  • Diverting, altering or abandoning a public sewer
    • If you want to improve or develop land that you own, and the public sewerage would likely stop or hinder your development, then you have the right to request its diversion, alteration or removal.