New sewer connections - S106

If you’re building a new home or development, you probably want to connect to one of our sewerage pipes so that we can take away your wastewater to treat, clean and return to the environment.

For a home or building

If you need a new connection to our sewer network, then the first step in the process is deciding whether the sewer or lateral drain you are connecting to is outside or inside of your property boundary.

This graphic will help you decide which category your property fits into:

Outside property boundary

If the public sewer is outside of your property’s boundary, then due to Welsh Government regulation you will probably need to get an adoption agreement in place before you start building. This is also called a ‘section 104’ or ‘s104’ application.

What to do if you need an adoption agreement

When the public sewer is outside of your property’s boundary, you need to apply for our adoption agreement. Once this adoption agreement is in place, you can then apply for a new sewer connection

Find out more here

Inside property boundary

If the public sewer is inside your property’s boundary, then you do not need an adoption agreement. All you need is to request a new connection from us. This is also called a ‘section 106’ or ‘s106’ application.

If you have any queries on the process, our guidance notes at the bottom of this page should be able to help.

What will the service provide?

  • We will technically vet your application to ensure it complies with our guidance. It will also include a site visit by one of our site controllers.

How long will it take?

  • We will either approve or refuse your application within 21 days.

How much will it cost?

A new single sewer connection for:

  • 1-25 properties (one connection can service multiple properties) is £207.
  • 26+ properties (one connection can service multiple properties) is £364.65. 

As a not for profit company, our charges are based on the cost of delivering the service only. For information on our charges, visit our schedule of charges here.

Don’t forget

  • Any new connection to a public sewer will need our approval. Even if you are re-using an existing sewer connection, we still need to approve it. If we haven’t given our consent, then you’re breaking the law.
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New sewer connection guidance notes

PDF, 198.9kB

If you need more guidance on this application, download our detailed guidance notes here.