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New water connections – standard size

This service is for new and replacement water connections.

New water connections - large diameter

This service is for large diameter new water connections.

Drainage and water searches

If you want to apply for a water and drainage search on a property, you can apply using this application form. One of our team will then be in touch

Map of Water Mains or Public Sewers

If you want to see whether your building or land contains any, then ask for your map here

New sewer connections

If you’re building a new home or development, you probably want to connect to one of our sewerage pipes so that we can take away your surface water and wastewater to treat, clean and return to the environment

Build over sewer self certification

A shorter process where you can 'self-certify' as long as you meet certain criteria in regard to how your work will protect our sewer

Build over sewer form

A more detailed process, needed for more complicated or higher risk work, that involves a technical assessment of your proposals by our dedicated team

Adopting proposed sewerage systems

If you are applying for a new sewer connection and the sewer is outside of your property boundary, or it serves more than one building, then you’ll need to ask us to enter an adoption agreement with you first before building

Pre-planning application form

Tell us about your proposed development

Diverting, altering or abandoning a sewer

If you want to improve or develop land that you own, and the public sewerage would likely stop or hinder your development, then you have the right to request its alteration or removal

Self lay water mains

A self-lay water main is where you choose to have your new water main laid by an accredited self-lay contractor instead of us

Requisition a Water Main

Requisitioning involves Welsh Water designing and laying the water main

Diverting, altering or abandoning a water main

If you want to divert, alter or remove water mains or apparatus on land that you have an interest in or own, we’re your team

Adoption of Existing Sewerage

Do you have a private sewerage system that you’d like us to consider adopting into our network? Once it’s adopted, we will be responsible for its maintenance

Sewer requisitions

Sometimes your home or site has no way of draining to a public sewer due to the land between the site and the sewer being owned by a third party. If the third party won't give you access to the land, then you can also formally request (requisition) a public sewer and/or lateral drain from us

CCTV surveys

If you’d like to locate a sewer, you can apply for one of our CCTV surveys/sewer traces

Building Regulations form

This form is for local authorities and building control companies only