New water connections

There are two types of water connection: new connections and replacement connections. The first thing you need to do is identify whether you need a new connection or a replacement connection.

You might need a new water connection if you are:

  • building a new property
  • building onto an existing property (e.g. an extension, granny flat or annexe)
  • in need of a temporary building supply
  • converting a property into multiple units with individual supplies
  • converting a property that was once used for a different purpose (for example, converting a barn or garage into a house/home)
  • installing a fire apparatus (e.g. a fire sprinkler)
  • in need of a supply for irrigation purposes
  • moving from a private supply

A replacement water supply is needed if:

  • your water pressure is low and you require a larger supply
  • you are separating a shared supply
  • you are converting a property into multiple units with a shared supply

If you’re building a new home or commercial property (such as a shop, office or industrial building), unless you’re planning on harvesting rainwater, you will probably need a new connection to our water main.

For commercial buildings, if they need a large amount of water, especially water used in industrial processing, you may need a large water connection.

If you have any queries on the process, our detailed guidance notes should be able to help.

For new fire apparatus (e.g. sprinkler)

  • This is only relevant if you are building a new property or converting an existing property in Wales.
  • In February 2011, the Welsh Government implemented the Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure 2011, making fire sprinkler systems mandatory in all new domestic properties. Find out more by reading our guidelines.

For several buildings/a development site

  • If you’re building several buildings, you can formally request a water main from us. More details can be found on our new water main page.

How much will it cost?

  • The charge for this service varies on the size of the connection:
    • A standard connection is £76+VAT per application
    • A larger connection of over 63mm (where a dedicated water supply is needed for firefighting purposes) is £2000+VAT per application
  • Both charges are to be paid at the time of making an application and are non-refundable. You can pay them using a valid credit or debit card.
  • Once we’ve completed the works, we’ll then deduct the application fee from your final bill, so you’ll just have to pay the difference.

Don’t forget about sewers

  • If you’re building a new house or several houses, and you’re applying for a new water connection, you’ll probably need to apply for your new sewers to be adopted and connected too.
  • If you’re connecting to a sewer outside of your property boundary, you’ll probably need to get an agreement from us that we will adopt your sewers before they are built, due to Welsh Government regulation. You can find out more on our sewer connections page.